There are two kinds of Noble Eightfold Path. This is an important distinction to remember:
1. The mundane path
2. The supramundane path
The mundane path is developed when we try to purify our discipline, to develop concentration and to arouse insight either in day to day practice or in intensive periods of practice on retreats. The word "mundane" here does not mean a worldly path in the ordinary sense, i.e. a path leading to wealth, fame or worldly success. This mundane path leads to enlightenment, and in fact we have to practice the mundane path to reach the supramundane path. This is called mundane path because even at this highest level of insight contemplation, it still involves the contemplation, of condition objects, that is, things included in the five aggregates.

The supramundane path is the direct seeing of Nibbana, the unconditioned element.

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