RIGHT SPEECH (Samma Vacha)

This contains four aspects.
(a)   Abstinence from false speech, that is, from lying - instead making an effort to speak truthfully.
(b)   Abstinence from slanderous speech, statements intended to divide or create enmity between people. Instead the follower of the path should always speak words which promote friendship and harmony between people.
(c)   Absinence from harsh speech, from speech which is angry and bitter, which cuts into the hearts of others. Instead one's speech should always be soft, gentle and affectionate.
(d)   Abstinence from idle chatter, from gossip. Instead one should speak words which are meaningful, significant and purposeful.

The above show the tremendous power locked up in the faculty of speech. The tongue may be a very small organ compared to the body. But this little organ can do immense good or immense harm depending on how it is used. Of course, what we really have to master is not the tongue but the mind which makes use of the tongue.

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