Salient feaures of Dhamma - By Bhikkhu Bodhi
Many shades of meaning

The Buddha's teaching is called the Dhamma. The word 'Dhamma' has several shades of meaning . In the most basic sense ' Dhamma' signifies the true nature of things. Dhamma is the fundamental element of lawfulness operating in the universe, structuring all events, all experience and all phenomena. All actual things, all phenomena are called dhammas in the plural because all of them embody the true nature of things.

Dhamma also means the ethical law, the fundamental principle of righteousness, the cosmic law of virtue and goodness.

Dhamma also has a practical sense, something applicable to our own life. Dhamma is that which sustains us , which supports us, or which upholds our own effort to live in virtue and goodness. In this sense Dhamma is the path. On the one hand it is the lower path of virtue, on the other, Dhamma is the Supramundane path, the higher path that leads to realization of the true nature of things.

The Buddha's teaching is called the Dhamma, because this teaching makes known the true nature of things - discloses the true nature of all existence.

The Buddha only shows the way.. We ourselves should tread the path

Dhamma is like a raft

The man struck by the 'poison' arrow