LIBERATION OF THE POOR - By Prof.Lily de Silva

Though poverty is well known and widespread throughout the world it defies an objective definition as its definition is bound to be based on comparative scales and standards of living. Fundamentally poverty is a negative term denoting absence or lack of material wealth, and social scientists have applied this term to three distinct conditions, namely economic inequality, economic dependence and economic insufficiency. Material poverty causes the inability to achieve a minimum of physiological health and efficiency. Sociologists gather various data to measure poverty, such as income, cost of living, unemployment, consumer expenditure, housing etc. In this paper it is proposed to investigate into the Buddhist attitude to poverty, and insights Buddhist scriptures offer for the liberation of the poor.

Poverty Types

Causes Of Poverty

Alleviation of Poverty

Duties of the Rulers

Duties of the Community

Individual’s Role

Attitude Towards Work

Concept of Prosperity and Happiness

Not Economics Alone