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Facebook on the phone

Facebook Marketing: When Is the Best Time to Post?

Facebook has become so intertwined in people’s daily lives that many cannot go about a day without using it. Through it, we connect to distant relatives, old acquaintances, celebrity pages,

Web Archiving

What is Web Archiving and Why is it Important?

Web archiving refers to the process of gathering the information contained in websites from the World Wide Web and storing them in an archive. The process borrows from the traditional

brand awareness concept

Improving Brand Visibility: How To Do It Right

Your business needs visibility to be successful. Depending on the type of your business, the level of awareness is important. If you are primarily a local company, then you should

Group of people holding smartphones in a huddle

Fun Alternatives to Gadget Use

Digital use for children has long been a topic of debate among people. There is no denying that children cannot altogether avoid using gadgets. But one cannot disregard the negative physical


A List of Ski Clothing Essentials

Winter is upon us once again! What better way to spend the snowy holidays than a trip to the winter wonderlands? And with snow comes along an exhilarating list of

computing monthly bills that needs to be settled

Billing and Collection Practices to Follow

Problems in cash flow can pose a lot of risks, even for a flourishing business. One reason a business experiences these problems is not having a modern and efficient accounts

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